I grew up in the South and, whether it was nature or nurture, I am ingrained with a sense of joy transcending darkness, of sin and redemption. There is something of this in my choice of media, printmaking. The process allows some magic in that I cannot summon on my own. It has its own kind of grace. I make etchings about whatever in my life seems to carry the most energy, it could be something rapturous or very anxiety provoking. I just love to draw and so that is how I’ve always processed things. I set my own personal haints and angels up against each other on stage to duke it out as I wag my tongue at all of them from the wings.


Humor is important in my work. Emotions can be a murky, isolating business, but the mechanics of comedy – its clean clockwork – makes for the most generous kind of art. It is very inclusive. Someday I’d like to achieve funny, but I am not that evolved. It takes distance to make something amusing. There’s an old saying: “If you are going to dine with the devil use a long spoon.” Well… my way of working enables me to duct tape my spoon to a yardstick.