I am an artist who works primarily in prints. My primary mode of working in recent years has been in relief, monoprint, and increasingly copper engraving printed on intaglio and letterpresses in my home shop. We added letterpress to the studio in 2012 and that had a big effect on the direction of my work, leading to the establishment of Thyrsus Press with my husband and the publication of our biggest project to date, “Omnia Vanitas, Translations of Max Jacob by Alastair Johnston, 2018”.

Though a printmaker mostly, I love working with a variety of media including ink and brush or pen. My background is in dance and theatre and the brush feels like a continuation of that somehow, and balances the more process-oriented printmaking work, though often in the end I’ll convert the ink work to polymer plate to print anyway, as in “Omnia Vanitas”.

Other bodies of work I’ve made are in book arts and photography. I also like to make chine-collé mounted paper cuts & study calligraphy.